Oh what a feeling!


South Africa-Johannesburg was out of control last night as Lionel Richie kicked off his  second  All hits show in the city with one of his old songs: Running with the night. As he said: he was playing to three generations. There are those who grew up with Lionel Richie while he was with the Commodores, the second wave clubbed to songs like “All night long“and the third generation grew up listening to the songs in the background of their Mamas and Papas as he said. I of course span across those generations. My 14 year old daughter’s ring tone greets: Hello – is it me you’re looking for, so there you go!

Yep – we were Running with the night!

The heart of the city street was beating
Lights from the neons
Turned the dark to day
We were too hot to think of sleeping
We had to get out
Before the magic got away

We were running with the night
Playing in the shadows
Just you and i
Till the morning light

lionel Richie 2

Every year, we take leave of our icons who produced timeless music. It has to be timeless if it can survive a number of decades. I’m not sure that my children will say the same with the music they listen to. So I’m thrilled to find Lionel still looking good and rocking at the age of 67 this year. Lionel – my tribute to you in your living years.

Lionel Richie pic 1

So we were dancing on the ceiling and the house was on fire through the night with the energy and magnificent entertainment that Lionel Richie and his band belted out in some of his old Commodores hits like Brick house and Lady you bring me up. Of course I was over the moon when he sang Penny Lover, Stuck on you, Ballerina Girl and Three times a lady. But the song that was one of my highlights for the night was this one:

And to my blogger friend T.Wayne you will be happy to know that he played this one:

And not to be disappointed,  to my Blogger friend Mish Mash, he played your favorite:

I guess one of the things I pondered was the diversity of the audience in color,generation,class and whatever other diversity there is. Behind this historical journey with Lionel is a reminder that in his Commodore days, as a black South African, I wouldn’t have been able to attend a concert with such diversity. And that is why I am so so pleased with his closing song. It was a fitting song for us as we celebrate “Human Rights” day here today. Human rights day previously called Sharpeville day was a commemoration of 69 people who lost their lives in the fight for freedom against Apartheid. 22 years into our democracy, attention to human rights is even more pressing. So Lionel reminded us that more than ever before the world needs to take heed of this song he wrote with Michael Jackson 30 years ago.

Enjoy and tell me about your favorite Lionel Richie song if you are one of those cross generational fans. Chevvy.