We wait

waiting 2

We wait for that perfect cloudless day

When nothing will blur the sun’s lustrous ray.

Just another moment to take a sip of my last  drink,

Yet another day to extend my debt before the brink.


And we wait for that quixotic love affair

Where all rules of the game are free and fair.

Rose-tinted glasses play accompaniment to the fantasy

That one day we’ll find the perfect love and sheer ecstasy.


Then suddenly the evening pulls her mantle over us

Conscious of how cold the ride is on that lonely bus.

And time, like a violent thief, stole everything we had,

Took our beauty and youth at gunpoint, left us feeling sad.


So sad that life seemed to be hopeless and futile,

Dulled vision, lost charm, little reason to beguile.

Only scattered remnants left of that dream we once held,

No strength to chase that rainbow, left feeling less compelled.


We waited too long, caught up in shadows and mists,

Tripping over life’s stumbling blocks and devious twists .

And now we wait looking into the mirror of hindsight-

Telling us that we should seize the moment while in-flight.