All night long

An old friend of mine went to see the Lionel Richie show the other day and reminded me of how his music spans a number of generations that some of us can relate to. Since he has extended his show for another two days due to popular demand, I managed to get us some tickets to see him on Sunday.

I thought about some of the songs that bring back special memories for me – starting with my first slow dance with a boy who asked the DJ to play  “Three times a lady for me” (Commodore days) – Whew!

Anyway here is my taste of nostalgia across the generations. Enjoy!






11 thoughts on “All night long

        1. Yes – I remember your reflection on Easy like a Sunday morning. I also liked “Still” Some music remains timeless. You listen to the old Main Ingredient with Cuba Gooding?

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            1. Hey, what do you know – I found these two songs on my Ipod and I’ve heard them before.Problem is I have too much music on my Ipod so it was great listening to them again. So enjoy with me:-)

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              1. Great, Chevvy! I thought of another Main Ingredient song that didn’t feature Cuba Gooding: their remake of the Impressions’ “I’m So Proud.” I love that one too, and I bet you have it. 🙂

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                1. Yes I do. I’m not the music guru you are so I don’t know all the details. In fact until not so long ago I didn’t even know Cuba Gooding (Snr) since I was familiar with the more modern Main Ingredients but the beauty of Itunes is that you discover so much more than you’ll hear on the radio. I didn’t listen to the older stuff growing up but I love it when I find it. I really appreciate finding a kindred spirit in this. Anyway, it’s a new day for me and goodnight to you 🙂

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