To journey’s end

oak tree 3

As an exemplar of tall and sturdy oak trees,

You’ve enjoyed a warm fluttering breeze.

A proud witness to former glory days,

Recipient and filter to sunshine’s rays.


Time has come to celebrate the strength,

The shade extended in breadth and length.

For many have grown from your protection.

Others have drawn from your reflection.


Taking from the wisdom of your years

Sprouting as new saplings, foregoing their own fears,

A legacy firmly grounded in roots prolific and deep,

When seasons change, your heritage is yours to keep.


Though you are far from journey’s end,

There is a time for rest, broken branches to mend,

For soaking up fresh water and nourishment of soil,

To gather refurbished courage to invigorate your toil.


So take time to enjoy the heavens’ smile on you.

They have sustained the destiny you always knew,

Sending winds of change and showering you with rain.

You’ve been tasked to heal and no effort shall be in vain.