The harvest dance


orange moon

Earth held its breath for a captive moment,

Tides fizzled out in their last ebb and flow,

Winds subsided in their frivolous frolic,

Thickets subdued into sounds of silence.


All stood to attention to let the music play,

First the low tremor of drums riding on a breeze,

Then the ripples of the piano’s permeating waves,

A gentle stroke of the violin, caressing lover’s touch.


A rising ensemble as each instrument trumped in,

Soon the night was dazzled by an orange moon,

Playing quartet with stars, skies and glowing earth

A night such as this comes but once in a lifetime.


He led her to the spotlight of that leafy stage,

Anticipating the fever and fervour of their final dance,

When he would pace her through her seven veils,

Beyond revelation to the nakedness of souls.


The audience rallied in harmony, their universal call,

A resounding applause and standing ovation given by all.