Moving too fast


I thought I had you in the palm of my hand

Captivated by my scintillating charm

Wrapped tightly on the wrist of my arm

Until I woke up to the sound of the alarm


Where did you go when I was asleep?

Lately you have taken to the tracks

Racing wildly like hunting wolves in packs

Slipping through the fissures and the cracks


Moving in the shadows, conspiring with the sun

Contracting my nights, stretching through my days

Fooling me, blinding my sight in contrived ways

Confusing my colors with luminescent greys


Was it just a dream or did I see you fleetingly?

So suddenly, you conjure your magic tricks on me

I feel your temperature drop by a fractional degree

A subtle change, the first leaf falls from the tree.


Mistakenly, I thought I had you enraptured

Instead I am the victim that time has captured.