Little miracles

Loren's world

Imagine it!

That in everyday and in every way

Little miracles will find you, need you, inspire you

And veils will fall, sparks ignite and pages fill with ink,

With verse and rhyme you knew but could not think.


Delight in it!

The exuberance of your inner child, long repressed

Between black and white, malevolent, deep dark nights.

Retrieve that inner being whose longing eyes still glisten,

If only you would lend an ear to her beating heart and listen.


Believe in it!

That your dreams will see the light

And destiny’s promise will not let you down,

The thoughts you’ve hidden in pockets of your soul

Will be redeemed and restore you to feeling whole.


Take it!

The abundance that life will bring

Prepare to receive it with arms stretched out!

When the little miracles accumulate in what appears as chance,

You’ll realize that there was always an epic plan to watch you dance!