The Drakensberg: Chevvy8

I found her there,

When I opened my eyes,

Composed and regal, a gracious surprise.


She reached out,

Taking my hand in hers,

Leaned in and whispered my name.


With words gentle and soft,

Her meaning and intention were clear.

She cuddled me, said I had nothing to fear.


If you truly love she said:

Fear will seek refuge elsewhere,

Clearing space for new occupants.


Invite them in she said:

Time has come for the kiss of joy,

The delight of peace, the ascension of spirit.


Stop listening she said:

To the voices of malice and doubt,

The nay-sayers, the castigators, the cynics.


I was amazed to find

A soothing-calm envelope me,

As I stepped out of my faded raiments.


When I opened my window,

I saw the resplendence of a bright new day.

A new dawn of serenity had come my way!