Starting over


It’s like the tease of the first spring rain,
permeating the air. Trying hard to contain
the anticipation,  sigh of relief, pressure valve release,
As her fragrance latches onto the wafting breeze.

That wonderful feeling of walking away!
A muted sense of peace at the end of the day,
not looking back, liberated from steel chains.
Revving up the engine, is all that remains.

As the sun gives her blessings to close the day,
Night time whispers a promise as you bow to pray.
When  dawn ushers in a burgeoning sunrise,
you are certain to receive a gift-wrapped surprise.

So much lighter now, without the  cumbersome baggage
of the sugar-coated smiles, disguised barbed words to ravage.
Retreating unholy thoughts, forgotten anger to replace
With a wild surrender to magnanimous freedom in space!