I have always loved you

pond 3

he stood before me, my honor to defend

neath his steely armor, his heart he came to lend

he primed his sword as he extended me his hand

his words though gentle,were from a foreign land


under a shrouded moon, he whispered in my ear

I felt the consuming fire of his breath as he drew near

he shed his cloak to shield me from my trembling storm

as he held me close, I clung to his tall and shadowy form


two strangers taking comfort on the banks of a silent pond

for a mysterious moment, not concerned what lay beyond

time stretched eternally as he shared his love with me

giving flight to a bird whose spirit needed to be set free


as the night receded into dawn, the sun took centre stage

amidst the rolling, rustling leaves I saw it, a fluttering page

with trepidation, I read the message written in cursive ink

“I have always loved you, always…” My tears began to blink


I walked along the banks, with head bowed, shoulders despairing

when at last I raised my eyes, there he was, standing at the clearing.