A moment of respite


I don’t blame you,

should have stayed in my shell,

curled beneath its comfort and warmth.

But the sunshine was so tempting.

Exihilarating, intoxicating,

I had to capitulate!


I have no regrets,

for the warmth on my skin,

the breath of fresh winds,

gave cheer and welcomed me.

So taken was I,

that I dreamt I could fly.

My shell turned into wings,

and I somersaulted through rings.


But then the sky turned grey,

no longer a safe space to play.

A storm was now brewing.

I saw the lightning flash,

heard the menacing sounds

of the thunder as it cracked.

Then the rain began to pelt

Relentless, unceasing!


So here I rest

in the safe haven of my shell,

reluctant to venture

into that stormy spell.