Sunlight shadows


Witness the vibrant marriage of flowers and foliage

blessed by gold rings of Sun’s holy passionate kiss.

Yet a pensive and foreboding mood hovers in the air

with scatterings of surprise and imminent doom.


Beneath the bright colors and reflective gloss

lurks an ominous shadow, divined by the oracle.

Butterflies and bees in their absence, echo in silent breeze.

The message gathers wings and flies with birds among the trees.


Onlookers passing by, are deceived by this dazzling beauty,

the holy matrimony of the Sun and his captive concubines.

They lend tacit applause with no understanding of Flowers’ plight.

Though brilliant in its shine, the Sunlight is unbearably harsh.


If they would care to look a little closer, they would discover

that the Sun is sometimes a cruel and unforgiving lover.

Picking his favorite flower and flaunting her eminence

while cursing her flaws beneath his heated, bitter breath.


Yet the flowers honor their vows, staying true to their promise

“Until death do us part” while they stand firm in their courage,

their faith upheld in the belief that everything must change.

The moon will arrive with tender care and Weather brings relief.


So carry their burdens as they must ,while in the universe they do trust,

that Sun will always give them life and for as long as they have this-

Hope is always in sight for a new day of vivacious, thriving blossoms

that will bring the butterflies and bees fluttering and humming back.