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15 thoughts on “Reflections

    1. Yes I know – it’s a conundrum that faces us at some point in our lives. If you’re lucky you escape without hurt or pain. Btw the 3rd quote was a reminder to myself. Sometimes you miss the experience behind the camera when all you really want to do is soak up the moment with your heart and soul with nothing in between:-)

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  1. Thank you for posting. The first one was my favorite. Time is so valuable here in Atlanta, and I never realized the value of time until I moved here. It literally flies without you knowing it. In the Northeast, time was more manageable due to less traffic and people to worry about.

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    1. Ah! I’m glad you were able to pick out a favorite. I live in a big city too where time is definitely an issue so much so that you feel disorientated if you’re not part of the rush and it’s easy to get burnt out. Like you, I once worked in a helping profession and I know how that can absorb your energy. But I’m also a believer in seizing the moment when you can since it may never come your way again:-)

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