Feather’s light

feather 2

In a hushed silence, you suddenly appeared

mysterious entrant in turmoil’s blind sight,

peeking my interest in how you had veered

into my room, unassuming boldness and light


But sometimes memory is a cunning renegade

obliterating historical truth of who I used to be.

You stirred the secrets of words I had prayed

but your wispy softness only murmured to me


Today you gathered more plumage, strewn all around

and sent an angel that you knew I would recognize

a twin of my soul in whom wisdom I have ever found

dazzled me when I heard his voice, with sweet surprise


He reminded me of the duty that I had towards myself

to repair and renew for new mountains I had to climb

to find that place deep in my soul, not sold off a shelf

where the lessons await for the rest of my soul’s time


So with feather’s light, I am searching through my things

Looking for the pieces to prepare much stronger wings.