Salt of my tears


The salt of my tears washed with the sea

As I swam to the horizon searching for me

I tumbled with the waves in fluctuating emotion

Deep-diving into mysteries of a rapturous ocean


Astounded by the array of creatures I found

The resplendent beauty held me spellbound

Genuflecting to the greatest artist of all time

Creator of love, of all that is pure and divine


Lost and found midst the kaleidescopic vortex

Fresh understanding stirred in my visual cortex

Of a beauty and wonder I had never seen before

My soul floated by, a bright light leading to a door


There in the secret chambers, on the ocean’s floor

I found a glimmering scroll, engraved with my score

A tally of my life’s account and the outstanding balance

With budget notes, on how to offset the sum of my talents


Then I heard a voice so tender and profound

Encouraging me to finish the race to higher ground

Intense feelings of sorrow left me feeling bereft

For a moment I felt helpless as I wept and wept


Gently he took my hand, leading me back to the air

Sharing my burden, telling me I had nothing to fear

God in all his wisdom, would honor my every need

Splashing out of the water, my soul majestically freed!