Three day quote challenge

Aston kamunde who can be found at http//  has invited me to join in the three day quote challenge. I generally shy away from awards and challenges but since I already post quotes on my blog and because I just love Aston’s inspiring poetry – how could I say no? Please visit Aston’s blog and check out his sensitively written poetry – food for the soul.
This challenge has the following three simple rules:
 Post three consecutive days
 The posts can be one or three quotes per day
 Challenge three different bloggers per day ( I’ll stick to three for this round 🙂

I have nominated three bloggers whose work inspires me in different ways. Please check them out if you haven’t already.

First up is a lady whose quotes I look out for each day. More than that though, is her mission and passion to serve her Blogging community. I’ve learnt so much from reading her very useful posts not just from a creative writing point of view but with ideas for improving other aspects of  life.

My second nominee is a travel blogger who keeps filling up my bucket list. I love the quotes he conjures up with each of his beautiful travel pictures. This makes his travel experiences all the more interesting for me.

Third on my list is a beautiful soul whom I miss when she is not around since she touches my heart with her poetry and the spirit she conveys.

Before I announce my nominees, my disclaimer is that I admire so many other bloggers’ work and thank you one and all!!!


My quote for today:

Soul Rumi