Be beautiful today

yellow rose

The world needs your beauty


Wake up relaxed and refreshed!

Give to each and all of your best!

Step out of your door in vogue style!

Put on that waxing lyrical smile!


The world needs your kindness


Deliver from your warm heart,

Inspiration through your fine art,

For all who unceasingly suffer,

Needing your trees’ sheltering buffer.


The world needs your love


For someone who longs to hear

How you feel, that you truly care

And if you’ve cried all night long,

Let they who hurt you, right their wrong.


The world needs your faith


Believe in the promise of seasons

That in each there are good reasons.

Sad and dark as the day may appear

Someone has heard you out there.


Why not let that someone be you-

Who makes someone’s dream come true?


Be beautiful today!