I know who you are!


She hounds me into the wooded

darkness of my assiduous dreams

where routines become endless

and panic strips me naked on a stage.


She is no stranger,

I’ve seen her leering face before,

often she rings the bell or knocks on my door.

We ought to be friends given her regular haunt.

Still I tremble….

as she drains the blood from my face.


I have vowed to bar her entry

but she astutely strikes my vulnerabilities:

my lack, my pride, my temperamental faith.

But now that I know her name and her semblance

her days with me are numbered.


I’ve deceived you before, even used you

to win my accolades and my crown.

In case you didn’t know,

I have a new defence. His name is Love.


One more thing that you should hear,

I’ve taken action against you: my Fear.