A road well travelled

drakensberg 2010 006

Worn soles and sweat dripping brows,

Days turned slowly as we counted the hours,

As a farm hand, muscles aching, skin sun-scorched,

Leaning heavily,eyes cast back on fields freshly torched.


Tomorrow will raise the twitterings of morning,

Familiar smells of tilled soil, baked bread – new dawning.

We’ll walk this road again feeling lighter, eyes set on  a new horizon

New hope stirring as we seed furrows in practiced liaison.


We’ll reflect on hills we’ve climbed, harvests we’ve seen

When the seasons changed and winter started wearing green.

We’ll remember the breaks and cherished moments of laughter,

The dancing village -from home brew, hung over, the morning after.


Life with its meandering rivers,whispering trees, a fluttering breeze:

Shifts ended, rousing our quest to follow our own pursuits as we please.

Our shoes now scuffed from walking miles of rocky roads and muddy trails,

These shoes also paced stalls, celebrating birth of foals between swishing tails.


I remember that life’s journey has offered so many pleasures,

Many rewarding memories,experiences and buried treasures.

Yes! time takes its toll and some recollections are best to forget,

But this moment, this time – I choose to celebrate that we met.


These shoes have taken us through beautiful fertile lands,

Walked us proudly up the staircase of life’s grand stands

And danced us in glory through the battle of many bands.

Finally,planting our feet firmly in the ever shifting sands.