Words fail me

rose with book

Erudite and slick

Eloquent, sun-tanned voice

Yet words fail me still


To declare the fact

That I have fallen in love

Raising a fever


All words leave me now

Dumbstruck and hypnotized

I cannot convey


My feelings for you

Except in the clarity,

The simplicity of saying:


         I love you


5 thoughts on “Words fail me

  1. This is beautiful! I wonder if others see the beauty in the relay of the message-the writing and not just the message. This is beautiful writing. Don’t get me wrong the message is lovely as well💚💗💙💖💛❤️

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    1. Thanks for your comment Deanne. I understand exactly what you mean. I often have deliberate layers in my poetry realising that each reader will take from it what they see. I find that comments may sometimes extend my own thinking in what I was trying to get across. So I fully appreciate your point in the relay of the message. Thank you for taking the time to see that and many hugs to you for reading and commenting. 🌻

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