Little Drummer Boy


I’ve heard that you’ve come into town

You want me to tone my music down

There’s something you don’t understand

I am the drummer in this popular band

I’m the one who creates the pulsing beat

That melts hearts and taps into those feet


I’m not just some background noise

Have not been trained in ballerina poise

On this stage I am the one who sets the base

Upon which all instruments set their pace

And I can drum roll  rapidly and loud

When the tempo mounts in the crowd


The audience has paid to watch this show

Full house, full seats in every single row

There isn’t a conductor or manager here

Each musician in the band owns his share

Equality is what our musicians are  about

Together we make the crowd scream and shout


And now ….. I’m beating nice and slow ……

So the saxophone can gracefully steal the show

Do you hear the indigenous rhythm and the beat?

See how the crowd leap  up and stomp their feet

And as the vocalist extends his falsetto note

See how the ladies all validate their vote


I entertain, compose and perform my art

And play good soul-music from my heart