The emissary

shepherd 2



In corridors of silence,

I heard your gentle voice

Whispering so softly

Into my deafened ears

A message: I alone could hear

In answer to my prayer.


You who knows me best

Who put me through a test.


Water has flowed freely

Beneath the bridge now,

Yet still I see your face

Coming as an angel

Filling my heart with grace.


Yet I know that you are no angel

But who is to query God’s choice,

who he sends as emissaries?

Who better than you

With all you scars and flaws?


Destiny is a charmer

Listening closely as we speak,

You wave a red handkerchief,

You hold my fretting hand,

Encouraging me to rise again!


I’ve heard you say before

Charmers can be very treacherous,

Urging me to take caution

In all I’ve yet to do.


I’ve waited a long time

For a dream from God’s

Own lips – beaming

Only to find, that all this time

I have always been dreaming.


I know you’re out there

Watching and waiting,

Never far from me

As a shepherd taking care

Of his errant flock.


So the time is yours to take

While I from this reverie wake.