My songbook (6) Yesterday

Returning to our Road trip – we took an old CD of the Beatles 50 Number 1 songs with us. Yes, yes – I know, we download music these days and some of you are lucky to have Spotify and other streaming stations . But hey I’m glad that I hung on to my old Vinyls since they are very fashionable again.

Anyway, back to the famous Beatles. This album makes for great sing along songs. After playing the whole CD for a good stretch of our journey, we voted unanimously for this song as our family No.1.   Eleanor Rigby was second and Yellow Submarine – 3rd. Speaking privately here, I also have a penchant for “Hey Jude”

My older daughter loved these tunes when she was learning to play the guitar. Apart from good strings practice, they are also very short songs. So take a listen to Yesterday – we all have our yesterday moments from time to time. Enjoy. Chevvy