From my songbook (5)Wake up Everybody

Still on my trial run, this is the 5th song from my songbook. I referred to some criteria for selection in my post yesterday.

Before I introduce song No. 5, I just wanted to say that when I started my first blog in May last year, it was a spontaneous decision to aggregate a number of my favorite hobbies – writing, photography,travel and music. It was also an escape from the real world and the stresses of work. So I had lots of fun getting creative though my dream of being a part time DJ didn’t quite materialise.

I soon realised that there was a whole lot more to blogging. I got to meet interesting people from all over the world.I’ve also learned so much to improve my own art and even redefine myself. In my career, my work has always been about making a difference and sometimes such work takes its toll. I enjoyed being a dreamer in the poetry world.

The truth is, we  remain in the real world even in our blogging world – behind our pseudonyms, facades and technology. Therefore, with this in mind, I’m taking the liberty to post a song that reminds us of the real world. This is from my Classic Soul collection.  I’m posting a modern version as well. Enjoy and feel free to share your comments.