Perhaps love is like a roller coaster ride


Perhaps love sets you in a churning motion,

In turbulent waves like the rolling ocean,

Starting on highs, dipping into heaving lows,

Compromising direction as the wind blows.


Perhaps love spins you a crescent moon,

An incomplete journey ending too soon.

Just as you were beginning to enjoy the ride,

The gravitational pull turned into a glide.


Perhaps the highs made you laugh and scream,

Consumed in burning flames, now just a dream.

A fireplace of ashes, long forgotten and cleaned,

A car,off tracks with reckless speed, it has careened.


Perhaps love has stayed the course in its frequent bumps

And its dips, leaving you with a heart that still thumps

Each time she kisses your lips and holds you up close.

Perhaps through rivers of time, your love still ardently flows.