From my songbook (4) Where do you go to my lovely?

Dear Friends

I’m still testing this category with you and I’m pleased that some of you really liked the songs I posted. Since the repertoire of my music collection is very diverse, I will blend in other genre from time to time. The common thread though is that the songs should capture a memory for you, tell an interesting story, articulate poetry in music and/or give you something to think about as a quote would do.

I think my choice of song for today meets most of the criteria if you know the song. For me

the significance of this song is around the rags to riches theme and what this means for us if we’ve been down this route. Mine is a similar story. Though I’m not rich, I’m far from the poverty and surrounding violence I grew up in. I believe that background remains the core of who you are even when you think you have left it behind. While sometimes we’d rather forget, that tough beginning can make us stronger. As depicted in the song though, it can also be a lonely and unhappy place to leave our pasts completely behind. Enjoy!

Peter Sarstedt ~ Where Do You Go To My Lovely (with lyrics)