Like a river

drakensberg 2010 103

The gorge penetrates through rocky precipices,

One of  evolution’s enchanting edifices.

The river meanders, ruptures through the reeds

A reflection, a manifestation, of my deepest needs.


Swirling,twirling torrent,relentless in your flow,

You keep me guessing, do you want me to stay or go?

I breathe you in and out, savor your lingering smell,

Damned either way, stuck between heaven and hell.


You’re so languid, so smooth, in your hot pursuit,

Wearing me down like the gorge -it’s harder to refute

That nature has conspired even within your name,

Unbridled flow, constant, unhindered by any blame.


I see you coming, I hear the rush, I feel your touch.

Your movements measured, calculated, never too much,

You cut through the space openly, claiming your dues,

And I concede, allow you in, following all your cues.


You ripple through me and shift the sands around me.

I sink beneath you,suck you in,cascade with you into the sea.

Midst the foam, a glint, as the sun reflects on your surface.

I know then,that you have come, following destiny’s purpose.