From my songbook (1)Turn!Turn!Turn!

Hello Friends

I’m back from my holidays and excited to join you all again though as some of you will have observed, I didn’t completely get off my Blog. I’m a proponent of seizing and relishing the moment so when I took photographs or enjoyed something beautiful or inspiring, I wanted to capture it in a poem before I lost the moment, thought or memory.

We’ve just returned from a road trip of 1400 kms which we had to break over two days. For my family, the road trip was part of the fun and the driving was easy since we have excellent national roads. I’m a great music lover of a variety of genre. My 14 year old daughter challenged me to put together a playlist that we could sing along to, having heard of her older sister’s experience of singing along to the Beatles’ No.1 hits. These days I listen to Smooth Jazz, good old classic soul and R&B. However, I remember fondly the old pop songs I listened to as a child and listening to them and singing along on the road, we had such fun. I was also reminded of how much poetry there is in music.

I’d like to introduce my songbook over time Β (old and new) not necessarily just to listen to but also as possible discussion points.I’ll do three songbook posts today to test this with you.

Since, we’re still early in the new year, I thought I’d start with an old song by the the Byrds called Turn!Turn!Turn! This captured my attention because I am pondering what season this is for me this year where I’m up for a change in career. By way of example, I’m hoping that this year will be a “gathering of stones” and a “time for love” . Β In reading through some of your Blogs, you each have different seasons. Read the lyrics or listen to the song and I’d love to hear your comment.

I hope 2016 is treating you kindly so far!



Turn! Turn! Turn! – The Byrds (Lyrics)




15 thoughts on “From my songbook (1)Turn!Turn!Turn!

    1. Thank you Kunal. I’m told that Luck is combination of opportunity and being prepared so I’m working on both at the moment. But I thought you’d share with me your take on the song:-) Teasing – you don’t have to. I know though from reading various blogs that there is often a thought or question sparked in one’s own mind even if the thought lands at a subconscious level. Btw – what’s our time difference?

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      1. Ok, so I went thru the lyrics again & youtubed it. Appealing enough and old enough for my liking. We have a 15 yr old daughter and her taste of current music is like ugh! An Aussie band called 5SOS who are all the rage. I can understand why the song resonates with you! 😊

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        1. Thank you for this. It’s not a song I’d listen to everyday but you’re right – the lyrics resonated.Remember that each generation are appalled by their children’s music.If they aren’t plugged into their Ipods, I find that I like some of their music. That said,I know how precious time is so I will review the songbook idea. I did have fun researching the artists and meaning of the songs but I now have to focus my mind -working on my prospects – daunting and exciting at the same time:-)

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    1. I’m really glad you like it. Given the challenges you started the year with, I bet there are some pointers for you there just as there are for me. Yes it is almost word for word from Ecclesiastes 3. Blessings. Chevvy

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  1. I heard this one for the first time, beautiful lyric with some amazing animated video. πŸ™‚
    Hope you had wonderful holidays!! Beautiful memories in in your bag now. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yes, it’s an old song but such songs are timeless.So much one can take out of it for reflection. Happy to have shared my holiday experience – trying to be an ambassador for my country.I try to value the moment and live a little:-)

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      1. Nothing ever gets old, it’s just the release date which becomes a tag, whether its a album or a human being. πŸ™‚
        This is amazing, a country re-presenter abroad. Travelling is an experience at a different level, it shows more of what you’re with so much to do and live for.
        Wishes for your future journeys πŸ™‚

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