Dinner invitation

dinner 3

May I invite you to join my dinner table for two ?

Please bring your charming smile along with you

and your finest, full-bodied bottle, fermented in wit.

Share your appetite for bubbly laughter when you sit.


I look forward to us having a wonderful time,

good conversation you’ve shared in verse and rhyme.

But this time it will just be me for you, you for me.

So much I’m longing to hear, you can be utterly free.


I’ll play some of my great jazz and soul music,

gaze into your eyes fondly as I watch you speak.

Share your clever humor as part of the apperitif,

for the main course, tell me your life story in brief.


And when we’re done with coupling our souls

in a platter of cheese and sweet dessert bowls,

let’s share a glass or two of my finest port.

Tell me the  wildest thing you’ve ever thought.


And when we’ve satisfied our hunger and thirst,

recite me a new poem that has not been rehearsed.

Hold me close in hugs as you kiss me goodnight,

I want to feel the butterflies of romance’s delight.