To you I do bequeath

Chevvy's Studio

barren wasteland

For you my beautiful daughter

This barren estate I bequeath to you

Vast, desecrated land without any water

And as for food, this specially enhanced  pill  will do.

I’ve left my jewelry box with my pair of gold rings

I’m not sure if they will have much worth

In the new and priceless internet of things,

But no gold will you find again buried in the earth.

I’ve built a cooling fridge in your favorite spot.

At this stage I can’t be totally sure

But you may need to hide in it when it gets too hot,

And you’ll need my full armor to fight the climate war.

But most precious of all, I leave my Mac

And hope that you’ll discover a problem solving App

You might even be able to bring me back

So that I can help you clear up all my crap.

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