My mirror image

reflection in water

I searched in the mirror

looking for me

and found an imposter.

She proved to be an unreliable

witness, deceiving me as I deceived her.


Under the beautiful red dress

she had no idea of the color of me.

Instead she led me to believe

that I was a true work of art

but in this deception I had played a part.


Then, I walked to the water’s edge

and found rippled images of me.

Sometimes contorted, sometimes

tall, some no resemblance at all.

Filled with troubled thoughts,

I arrived at your door.


I was amazed to find no mirrors

in your house. They weren’t

necessary because you were the

mirror itself. In you I found

a more accurate image of me.


In my reflection, I saw all parts

of me, many not seen before.

In some I was bright and beautiful

with auras bright and shimmery.

in others, dark and shadowy.


The true beauty though was in

discovering and understanding

that there are mirrors in everyone

we meet. In some we’d like

to pose for hours and ours,

from others, we might run away.


For now, my new mirror will do,

to help me unravel what’s true.