In pursuit of love

Chevvy's Studio

shadow running

In pursuit of love I tried to run

From the ordinary,

The mundane,

The drab of life’s existence,

Dressed in my new clothes.

I saw love lurking in the shadows

Furtively blending into the dark.

He moved like a bandit,

Crouched like a sly cat

Too elusive for me to catch.

Then the madness consumed me,

Wanting so badly

For you to love me madly.

Beyond the world of reality.

In quest of the love in my dreams

There were streets filled with people,

Stridently stepping just like me.

Turning dark corners,

Ducking through the alleyways,

Sniffing for their opiate,

Stealing other’s needles for their dreams.

When I woke up to the ordinary,

I cried into my pillow, disappointed

That this had just been a dream.

So I take out a clean sheet of paper

And doodle throughout the day.

Maybe tomorrow and the day

After that day – I’ll…

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