Summer love affair


I marvel at your perfect splendor,

Your exquisite and complete surrender,

Voluptuous- as you spread yourself out,

Leisurely undress, remove all my doubt.


Languidly loving, time is unreservedly yours.

Arouse all of me into shudders and soars,

Lost in the moment of this blissful rush,

Satiated by your fruit’s temptations, lavishly lush.


I feast my eyes on your untouched curves,

Your sleeping form, munificent preserves.

Ah! the glimmering shimmer, riding in waves.

Drench me, drip away my thirst and my craves.


And when I am drunk on grapes and wines

Whisper in winds, words my soul still pines.

I’ll not leave this place until memory clings

To every sensual desire, satisfaction brings.


Indulge this wanderlust and I promise you this;

I’ll be back for the world’s most seductive kiss!