Soul’s Respite

Port Owen: West Coast 

The seagulls squawk my name,

A collusion of united refrain,

Disrupting the myriad sounds

Crossing the water, making their rounds.


Undeterred, the water keeps her calm.

She knows she holds the healing balm,

Restorative to spirits like mine, ravaged

By the machinery of big city life, savaged!


She knows the mystery of how to go with the flow,

Not be caught in the trappings of life’s status quo.

I observe each creature taking its turn,

Breaking the silence without chasing a churn.


Restive, in this quiet place

A moment of thinking space,

Before I return to the reeling rat race

Where time moves to a much quicker pace.


I cannot, simply will not give my soul away.

Not now, prayerfully not on any other day!