I imagine…

West Coast Holiday: Chevvy8


I imagine that you belong to me

I trace my fingertips along your walls

Throw open your windows to lusty winds

Lose my gaze in infinity

An endless turquoise ocean-


My dream


I imagine that you belong to me

And I feel the breath of hot summer nights

Drenching my skin, tasting salty air

Umbrella-decked cocktails to cool my thirst

The languor of holiday nonchalance-


My pleasure


I imagine cold wintry nights

Winds howling and rattling the roof

Sitting before the glow of a hearth

And kissing the rim of a red wine glass

Warmth of your arms in the afterglow-


My lover


I imagine most of all, the sound of my keyboard

As I type up my sultry, enigmatic imaginings

With you as my tall dark protagonist

Seducing your heroine with words and music

Nostalgic backdrop of black and white photographs-


My muse