The aftermath

cardinal in snow

A solemn Silence

crouches in the dusky room,

an unwelcome visitor,

a stealthy intruder.


Dusty thoughts

lie dormant in locked draws

of his mind.

Curdled dreams,

decomposing remnants



She stokes the ashes,

fanning fading cinders

in practiced precision.

She sighs once again.


This Winter

is the bleakest yet.

She peers through

the frosted window.


Snowflakes dripping

through naked trees,

a mirror of her own form

stripped bare, insecure.


Then she hears its call,

the sweet song of the red Cardinal,

from the solitary barren tree,

interjecting the stern silence.


Slowly, a gentle smile

flickers on the corners of her lips.


The fire bursts into flame

and he has a silly grin on his face.