Despair’s savior

ship 2 on stormy sea
Source: Deviant

When shadows’ footfalls stalked my toiling tread,

Grey skies convoluted me in ominous surprise;

Smog smothered my mind, pulsed my heart with dread.

Then life’s train derailed haplessly before my eyes.


With blind vision and ambivalence, I stumbled.

Faint glimmers of light appeared as but a dream,

Of a distant love whose words I now mumbled.

Then wheels taxied the runway in a silent scream.


I prayed and begged forgiveness in a church,

But my mind and my heart seemed to disagree.

Wild winds blew in, toppling spirit off its perch

Then ship’s bow tossed turning tides endlessly.


In the cold air of an evening, I heard an infant’s cry,

My senses unfurled, released in a heartfelt sigh!