An angel watches over me

Archangel Michael, Ashtar
by Ashtar

I see you everywhere like

Archangel Michael, tending lost souls.

When you come to my door

With kind words and flowers,

You have been listening to my prayers.


You choose simplicity in your words.

Yet the wise see the depth, the sadness,

The love, the wisdom and support

Every chosen word brings.


Each time I visit your house

I find those unopened gifts waiting;

Each one crafted with love and inspiration,

Egging me on to the finishing line.


I’ve never forgotten your welcoming gift

Made especially for me, on my birthday,

And always, you’ve hovered like an angel

Through my mistakes, my fears, wasted tears.


Like an angel, you could see – and you knew

What to do to give me comfort and calm,

When stormy weather found me lost,

Tearfully wandering and feeling all alone.


My heart swells with gratitude

Filled with renewed strength to carry on

A road less travelled with snags on the tracks,

The path is now clear to continue on my way.