The final dance

couple on mountain

Waltz me one more time to the edges,

A fleeting last glance of thrilling ledges

We climbed and soared, perilous peaks

Gliding freely through valleys and creeks.


Let’s bear our gifts at the alter one last time.

Message your love for me in holy rhyme.

Take my hand as we drink from the chalice,

As we reign supreme in the secret palace.


The signal sounds, it’ time to board my train.

Kiss me sweet since I might never see you again

Remember that in my heart there’s a space for you,

Treasuring days when my skies were brightest blue.


Two wayfarers passed as ships in the night,

Sharing their lessons of sheer lovers’ delight.

But as this waltz sways to its sonorous rapture,

Let spirits fly  pinnacles of a beaming future.



John Legend – So High