Solitude’s choice

A few years ago I attended a conference in Monterrey – Mexico and by a series of what I now consider Serendipitous events , I found myself stranded in Mexico for the weekend. Of course,this was Heaven-sent because it was a period in my life where I needed to spend some solitary time. This of course didn’t mean spending it all in my hotel room, though after spending time shopping as girls do and some sightseeing, I found a copy of Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” and started my “law of attraction journey” there.

But the best piece of solitary experience I had was on the Chipinique Mountains . I had only arranged to be there for a few hours but later wished that I could have at least spent the night given its tranquility. These Mountains overlook the industrial city of Monterrey.

Monterrey 273

The wispy,misty clouds overhanging the mountain help to create the solitary ambience where you feel that you could throw your troubles away.

Monterrey 248

There is a hiking trail leading from the Chipinque hotel if you were to spend some time here. Attached to the hotel is an old monastery with basic accommodation which would be the ideal place for self reflection and prayer if that was what you were after.

Monterrey 234

What I found very fascinating was this outdoor chapel below where couples come to get married. I just thought this was so romantic.

Monterrey 239

As the road from the hotel wound its descent towards the city, this beautiful bush of berries was a delight to my eyes

Monterrey 263

If I had the opportunity, I would certainly return to this piece of heaven


Meet in Monterey by Akira Jimbo