When the sun arises

sunrise again

When the sun arises with her new grace

And sends glimmers to light up your face,

May you be peaceful in your repose

Recalling all that none but us knows.

As the arterials flow with your warm blood,

Let sun help your rose form its new bud.


It is your smile that I so sorely miss,

It is the miracle of loving you like this.

Walking the edges of your dark shadows

Between past highs and brand new lows,

Let pendulum retrace its swing back to you,

Stroking your soul to feelings anew.


Should you awake still feeling weary,

Nest in my soft pillows until you can see clearly.

For like a babe suckling on its mother’s breast,

You’ll find true love and soothing soft rest.

Dream sweetly my love,until we again meet

Where I’ll be waiting, open arms to greet.