Dining on the edge: Egypt

When we visited Dahab in Egypt on the Red Sea, our favorite restaurant was this one. Apart from the great cuisine, there was nothing to compare in sitting on chairs literally above the sea- where you could watch  big fish swimming before they became  part of your meal. Enjoy with me.


EGYPT 2010 402.JPG

EGYPT 2010 401

EGYPT 2010 403


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        1. Hi Lynn, just got home from a wedding. Good to see you on my page. As always I thank you for your support. I’m still amazed at how you keep up with everyone. Thanks for your support dear friend.

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            1. Thank you so much Lynn and so are you. To inspire is what I believe is my purpose in life. I want to hone my art a bit more towards that goal but if nothing else, I’ve also learnt a lot about myself by learning and in interacting with you and other bloggers. 🙂

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