Strolling in Salzburg

I remember this first trip to Austria so fondly since I got to meet my soul sister whom I had met the year before in Montreux. I remain a firm believer that you can magically draw people into your life and in so doing make the most amazing discoveries. More about this topic on another day. Come along and stroll with me in the city of Mozart – Salzburg


First up here is the entrance to the house in which Mozart lived between 1773 – 1789 –  Makartplaz 8


The Salzach river runs through Salzburg. Here too, as in Paris, lovers place their locks pledging everlasting love


I am enigmatically drawn to visit a church in the cities I visit. I enjoy lighting a candle and saying a prayer – perhaps a ritual of reconnecting with my soul. Below are a few pictures taken inside the Baroque styled Salzburg Cathedral.



Below is a beautiful picture taken by my friend showing the trick of light in the basement under the Cathedral.


Walking in the rain was real fun for me – not something I get to do often given that we have more of a Shopping Mall culture in my country. The old city center is known for its narrow streets, tall narrow Baroque buildings, and a multitude of wrought iron signs identifying the various businesses and their products. Much of the population in early days could neither read nor write, so merchants and craftsmen solved the problem by using signs that pictured products or services relevant to their enterprise.



Take a look at the display in one of these shops below. It sells Christmas and Easter decorations all year. I could have spent the whole day in this shop with its beautiful crafty painted eggs and other fairytale trinkets.



Finally, below is part of a church cemetery. This is the first I’ve seen of a cemetery that looks like this – very pretty and lovingly tended by family who light candles here everyday.