man head in hands

Your pillows smile and they mock

as you count minutes on your clock.

Life sometimes feels so damn unfair

with burdens and duties you must bear.


Sometimes your vision is blurred,

in thoughts and deeds you have erred

Temptation creeps stealthily your way

and she steals your searching heart away.


Bound by their love and your imperfections,

your winds blow hot and cold in affections.

Strolling ample gardens, planting your seeds,

still their need for you strips your heart and it bleeds.


The dilemma is the shadow along your spirit’s path.

I see your blazing eyes and hear your words of wrath.

The angels have sent me as their emissary

To remind you of their love and lift you out of misery.


I’ve walked this path before and found you at my door.

I’m here to lend a hand, and arouse your virtue once more.