New York State of Mind

Chevvy's Studio

New York 001 - Version 2

Fifth Avenue – New York: The moment : Listening to the sounds of a city that never sleeps and  standing on the pavement next to Danny  De Vito and realising how tall I was.

New York 022

Rockerfeller Centre – New York. The moment – watching the lady dressed in a black coat skiing on the rink at 11 a.m. on an Autumn morning and wishing for such freedom

New York 028

Looking from the top of the Empire State Building. The Moment: Treasuring a stolen moment of hopping into a taxi to capture this amazing view and being grateful daring myself to do this and being reminded of one of my favorite movies – Serendipity

New York 053

Gazing at the Hudson River and in This Moment : Thinking of a dear friend/soul sister whom I hope to one day meet again on the Hudson river.New York 012

The Blue Note Jazz Club

New York 29

New York – Alicia Keys “Empire…

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