Remembering Paris : Dans Votre Traged

Dear Friends

I was preparing to do this post, remembering beautiful days I spent in Paris. It remains one of my favorite cities.

However, my remembrance now serves as condolence to the people of France and all families and friends who have suffered the tragedy of losing loved ones in an horrific attack.

As a global village any of our major cities  are susceptible to attack.  It therefore requires our collective vigilance,leadership and action to guard against acts of terrorism.

“The Road to Paris “- the international Climate Change meeting will be taking place in Paris in just over two weeks’ time – drawing over 180 countries to Paris for COP 21. This will need everyone to take care. But let us not be frozen in fear.

I for one would like to walk these streets again without reservation or fear!

Je partage mes sincères condoléances à vous tous

Montreux & Paris 2010 228

Montreux 2012 176

Montreux 2012 169

Montreux 2012 175

Montreux 2012 177

Montreux 2012 179

Montreux & Paris 2010 233

Montreux & Paris 2010 226

Montreux & Paris 2010 191

Montreux & Paris 2010 231