Haunted by your love


In creative genius a love story unfolds,

spilling the ink, devouring the sheet,

raising the rhythm, releasing the rhyme

of enraptured moments of our love sublime.


Forces unfathomable drew you to me.

Following in blindness, we both could not see,

except for the insatiable claim to fulfill need,

to explore the wonder of our souls to heed.


So I see apparitions through each door I turn.

Thoughts of times together, endlessly I yearn.

Draughts sweep through my window, spirit of you,

duping my senses, conjuring illusions to  view.


A cloud passes over and your phantom parades.

I  feel confused  by this game of charades.

Music starts to play and I stand up  to dance.

Then a cold breeze awakens me from my trance.


Your words invite me to follow your lead.

I slash with a knife and start to bleed.

What is this madness taken hold of me?

I thought I was blind but now I can see.


You’ve stolen my heart and I’ve stolen your mind

We’re in this together, our fingers entwined.