The fall of Autumn


Dramatic Season!

warm technicolor dream coat

has divested too soon,

exposing our hearts

to cold howling winds

from distant rolling oceans.

I hear Solitude’s lament

Tossed in the fly-spitting spray

I see weary-washed eyes

hidden behind a line of defence,

long drawn in the sand.

Yet I still see refractions of vibrant color,

framing your soul.

Echos of yesterday’s leaves

In search of tomorrow.

Though still lost in grey sorrow,

I hear the strains of redemption’s song.

May I take your hand?

Walk with you for a while?

Light a fire and see how you smile?

Warm up your frozen heart.

fill your dreams with

soft tender moments,

framed in Spring’s cascading blooms

and blessed spirits to guide you

to Heaven’s welcoming gates.

May love still find you

Without causing more pain

as you walk on life’s sandy white shores

once again!