Her name is Poetry

Chevvy's Studio


Beguiling, seductive mistress

Moving stealthily through the night

Slipping into your dreams

But ever elusive to  tempted grasps

Alluring, captivating smiles

Leave you star-struck and bemused

Just when you thought she was yours to own

You’ll find yourself  all alone

For she rides the wind of wanderlust

Brings hurricanes and destruction to your door

Laments with spurting raindrops

Dips into the valleys and streams

On occasion she rises with the sun

Inflamed to full glory until  moonlight

savors kisses with  midnight.

She’s known to often change costumes

A stranger betwixt night and day

You’ll parody her words and emotion

Flow with rapture into her ocean

Rise the peaks of her highest mountain

And slurp from her gushing fountain

She’ll give you her heart,mind and soul

But it will never be yours to keep

For she holds her secrets dear

Vanishes when you come too near

But don’t give up on…

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