The Wheel of Fortune

Ferris wheel

Last night I saw Fortune’s wheel

while wandering  in solitude’s dark.

She appeared to me like a portent

of the good news I then received.

Two lifetime achievements with my name,

one announced in my absence

The other yet to be conferred,

so distant from my humble childhood tree.

It’s hard work and passion to thank,

But I would be remiss if I failed to

consider, He who turns that wheel,

who has showered me with many blessings.

Despite days that were cast in shadow,

more of  bright lights I have seen.

Still my days ahead are uncertain,

though good fortune has been so kind,

I cannot take her favor for granted.

While destiny has forecast my life’s course,

there are choices that I alone must make,

to fulfill the life already determined.

And so the wheel turns slowly again,

sometimes with seats of joy, sometimes seats of pain.

The wheel has multiple spokes and cars

each one making up the whole life cycle.

On some we are weak, not able and strong,

and the wheel might punish our wrong.

So when I saw my wheel of good fortune

before receiving the wonderful news,

my heart skipped a beat of trepidation

because at any hour the winds may change.

I know I should have faith and believe

but my wheel may be part of yours.